How do I ask clients for a Video Testimonial?

Hopefully you have clients who are very happy with the work you have done for them and would like to give you a testimonial. Having their testimonial on video will make it much more powerful and credible, and it will be much more useful to you. When asking them to give you a video testimonial, reassure them that we will go to them, it will take less than 30 minutes to film and shouldn’t interrupt their day or business. We’ll make sure they are fully prepared and hopefully make it an enjoyable experience. Finally, appearing in your video will give them free exposure and could benefit their business.

Should I be using professional actors?

Usually a company video is much more effective without actors. The enthusiasm, knowledge and authority that you can put across in a Home Page video, or that your clients show in a testimonial are important to the impact the video has; they are what make it credible and engaging. With preparation, your enthusiasm, and our experience of interviewing and editing, we will ensure we produce a video you are happy with.

Will the video slow down my website?

This depends on a few factors. It depends on your server’s processing speed, its internet connection and where your website is being hosted. It also depends on the size and length of you video and if you will have large numbers of people visiting the website viewing the video at the same time. We recommend that web videos are no more than 3 minutes long. This ensured it holds the viewers attention and generally speaking it won’t slow your website down.

Will I own the rights to my video?

Yes. Once we have delivered your video it is yours to use however you want as often as you want. Your video belongs to you and is copyrighted. This means other people cannot use your video without your permission. We are always proud of the work we do and would like to be able to use your video as an example of our work – please let us know if you would not like us to.

How quickly will I get my video after it’s been filmed?

Before we begin filming we will have consulted with you on when you can expect delivery of your video. Typically we begin editing the footage as soon as we return from filming, and deliver it within 3 to 4 working days. The price of editing is included in our service as detailed on in our price list and any extra time spent editing your video will not be charged to you. For more details on the process of having a video produced please look at our process page.