Our Services

Video Testimonials

Many business websites contain text testimonials from satisfied customers endorsing the business. By providing an independent testimonial endorsement for a product or service they increase sales by convincing potential customers to buy.

Traditionally testimonials have been provided as text, but video and web technology now make video testimonials a far more attractive and effective alternative.With a video testimonial your potential customers can watch and listen to existing customers talking about their positive experience of your business. Third party referral will convert more of your website visitors into clients.

Home Page Videos

Your website’s Home Page allows you to engage with and welcome your visitors. It is crucial to portray the best of your business in the few moments you have your prospective customer’s attention. A Home Page video can put across your company or service the way you want, making you memorable and setting you apart from the competition. A professionally produced video makes your company credible and approachable, and is guaranteed to win you business.

Product Demonstrations

Product demonstrations are essential to e-commerce websites. Product demonstrations bring products to life. If customers can see the product working or see it in situ, they are more likely to buy it from you.


If your company provides a service with an end to end lifecycle that your clients don’t see, a video is an effective way of demonstrating the work your company does. A behind the scenes video can be an effective way of clarifying your service and making the job your company does easier to understand for prospective customers.

Corporate videos

We’re often asked if we can do corporate videos too, and of course the answer is ‘yes’. We’re happy to attend and film conferences, presentations, awards ceremonies, or work with you to produce corporate training videos. Whatever needs shooting, we have the knowledge and expertise to plan, script, stage, shoot and edit. It needn’t cost the earth either, we specialise in giving great value for money, so call us for a chat and we can take you through how we can help.