The Process

At the Video Testimonial Company we’re proud of the work we do. To explain some of the work that goes in to creating a great Web Video, we’ve laid out the key stages of our process. This is our promise of the high quality product and service you can expect from us.


A dedicated account manager works with you to ensure we know exactly how you want your Web Video to look, sound and feel. We understand that every business is different. We take the time to ensure your chosen style of Video will reflect your key values and unique selling points. When we know the key points you want to be brought out in your Home Page Video, Product Demonstration or Video Testimonial, we know how to tailor make a video to suit you.


We take your brief and consult with our production team. A Video Testimonial Story Board© is created of your Video for you to review and approve.

If you’re having a Video Testimonial produced, then when you’ve contacted your customers / clients and they’ve agreed to give you a testimonial we send your interviewees full instructions on how to prepare. We send them the questions they can expect to be asked and tips on being interviewed. If you’re having a Home Page Video or Product Demonstration we will consult with you and advise you on locations, colour themes, backgrounds etc.

A video needs to answer all the possible questions a prospect may have, so it’s important to spend a little time preparing these questions, and weaving the answers into the script. We offer an add-on scripting service should you need assistance in this area, where we prepare the questions for you and subsequent script. This ensures we don’t omit anything important, as it’s too late to go back once filming is over.


Our film crew arrive on time, are well presented and do our best to make the filming process as simple, positive and enjoyable as possible. When filming testimonials we aim for each interview to take no more than 30 minutes of your client’s time. For Home Page videos and Product Demonstrations we will ensure we’ve got the shots you want in a timescale that suits you.


Our editing team reviews the footage and edits the video to ensure all your key messages are fully and effectively communicated, as laid out in the brief. Your company logo is added, along with text banners of interviewees / product names.


A copy of our finished edit is then sent to you for approval to ensure you are 100% happy with our work. The approved final edit of your Web Video is then supplied to you in your preferred digital format, along with a hard copy on DVD.

Encoding and Uploading

Once your web video has been produced one of the first things you will want to do is put on your website so that it can start winning you business. We will take your video and turn it into whatever format you require to be used on your website. Our web team are skilled in balancing your video file size so that it will run smoothly but is also the best quality available.

The encoded video then needs to be uploaded to your server and slotted into your website. Each video is typically only a few lines of code, and if you have a webmaster or web team we will work with them to ensure adding your video goes smoothly. If you do not have a web team then we can happily add your video for you, or recommend some trusted web companies.


We will always provide you with a hard copy of your video on a DVD. If required we can also provide it in other formats such as USBs, Memory Cards or multiple DVDs with your artwork, for marketing and promotions. We can also send you our FREE information package. This includes instructions on how to get the most out of your Web Video, both on your website and as a part of your wider marketing campaigns.


We are happy to guarantee our work. If you ask us in your brief, we can measure the success of your Web Video using Google Analytics: when your Video is up and running on your website our account manager will stay in touch and monitor the results with you. For more details on our Guarantee and Analytics please see our Guarantee page.